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The perfect man is one of the terms that is highly regarded in mysticism. Ohad al-Din Maraghei is a mystic of the late seventh and early eighth centuries.He has dealt with the existential features of human beings in the system of Jam Jam in the face of the human race, and has also mentioned many signs of the appearance of the transcendent human being to the audience in the present and in the position of mystics. The purpose of this study is to study the image of an ideal human being from the perspective of Ouhadi, which is done in a descriptive-analytical manner with three approaches to the perfect human being with God, the place of human beings in the universe, and the subject of mission and guardianship. Among the results of the research is that one considers the Holy Prophet of Islam to mean and others as the face. One considers the heart of the perfect man to be the throne of the Merciful and the place of manifestation of the light of the essence of God. According to Ouhadi, human anthology is a divine deity And the smallest, and least valuable part of the body of perfection is worth two worlds. The creation of the universe was completed by the existence of a perfect human being, and the lack of knowledge and wisdom is the reason why Satan does not prostrate on human status.
Mandana Dehghan - samira rostami - Seyed Mohsen Sajedi Raad
Keywords : Ouhadi Maraghei, Perfect Man, Jaam- e Jam
Migration is an important social event that often takes place in order to achieve better life opportunities. A group of immigrants in the destination country face a number of issues, including dealing with new cultural elements; Which is sometimes found to be inconsistent with their culture. In this regard, a number of immigrants are easily absorbed by the culture of the environment and establish a strong connection with it, and some with the wall they create around them, resist the acceptance of the host culture and distance themselves from the environment and thus face socio-cultural challenges be. A number of novelists have reflected such immigrant problems in their works. The present research is done to answer the question of how the socio-cultural challenges of migration have been addressed in the novels of the last four decades. In this research, by means of qualitative content analysis, the socio-cultural challenges of migration in three novels, "Soraya Dar Eghma", "Hamnavaei Shabaneye Orchestra Choobha" and "Tamaman Makhsoos" have been studied. Findings indicate that out of ten cultural differences between the immigrant and the host society that are discussed in values, customs and beliefs, in seven cases incompatibility with the destination culture and as a result for the immigrant is created and in three Cultural absorptions has happened. The highest number of cultural heterogeneities in the destination that causes socio-cultural challenges for immigrants are found in the novel "Tamaman Makhsoos" and in the two elements of values and customs.
Bita Rouhi Boroojeni - maryam sadeghi givi
Keywords : Socio-Cultural Challenge; Cultural differences; Migration; Novel; Immigration Literature
The concept of love has been studied in this paper. The method of this research is descriptive- analytic. It's purpose is to present love dictionary in Mozafar 's Divan. The results show that love is the fundamental basis in Mozafar life, thus this poet doesn't consider his suffering soul aparted from love. Love causes the mystic spirits in him and is his main purpose. Love which is found in Mozafar sonnets has mystic concept and what is presented in other poems is virtual love. Mozafar considers love progress as his main force and the basis of mystical knowledge in this vicissitudinous way as other mystics, so he always contracts with other knowledgeables and brings raw knowledge to the love pub to drink love wine and become resilient. He prefers lover to hypocrite devout, because he believes that the devout is full of sensual desires and worldly affiliations. He believes that the devout is not God prayer and becomes interested in loving affair and tolerates the fears of loving path and surrender to life in solouk world.
Monavvar Sadraei - Seyed Mohsen Sajedi Raad - samira rostami
Keywords : Love, Wisdom, Divan, Mozafar Shirazi, The Contrast Between Love and Wisdom
The desire for a better life without flaws, like the blazing flames of light within the wise and wise men, has been clear. Some, like Plato and Thomas Moore, have explicitly and explicitly addressed the characteristics of idealistic society, but the poets have, in their poems, delineated their mental ideals; Apparently, eulogy poems also express the mental aspirations of the poet, describing his mental ideal as he wishes, in addition to Ghaznavi's early poets, by describing the qualities he does not really care about. Manifestations of the ideal personality are observed. Among the many characteristics, the science of philanthropy and the knowledge of the rulers is also noteworthy. In this study, the importance of science and knowledge of Ghaznavids has been investigated by relying on their observations. For this purpose, by using descriptive and analytical method and by using Divan Farrokhi, onsori and Manouchehr poems, the verses that express their mentality about the importance of science and knowledge to Mamdouh (the ideal ruler) were recorded and analyzed and analyzed. It turned out that although Sultan Mahmood and Massoud Ghaznavi's attention to science and knowledge was not sincere, the idealistic poets praised their adherents for their scientific and scientific character. In their minds, they demand a ruler who is both self- sufficient in science and knowledge and in support of scholars and scientists.
morteza abbaspour - dariush kazemi - maryam shayegan
Keywords : Utopia, eulogy, Science, Farrokhi, onsori, Manouchehri
Among the most important currents dominating the philosophy and thought of contemporary poets, especially the poets of the thirties, including Nusrat Rahmani, are nihilism. Which is associated with many concepts such as death, the passage of time, despair and despair, pessimism, etc. One of the effective factors in creating these meaningless concepts is finding life and its absurdity, which is rooted in various factors, including political fractures and Socially, he feels bored with life, life failures and so on. Now, if we put these factors together, we will realize their impact on the delicate and fragile spirit and thought of many artists. Of course, works of art and literature, including poetry, are not something that is the result of the poet's will, but a spiritual and emotional event that is unconsciously reflected in the poet's conscience and subconscious. Poetry is a collection of events in the poet's life. In this article, we will study and analyze the works of Nusrat Rahmani with a look at the influence of the concepts and symbols of nihilism in his literary thought.
Abdolkarim Karimi - Farzaneh Sorkhi - Fereydon Tahmasbi - behzad khajat
Keywords : Nusrat Rahmani, Nihilism, Death, Pessimism

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